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Sunday, February 01, 2015


  • Advanced Design Fire Inspections just got a whole lot easier with OneStep Web on your iPad or Android devices. Served from the CLOUD or from YOUR servers.
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  • CERS Certified Looking for CERS capabilties for your fire inspections? We can help both Regulators and Fire Departments reach their goals and targets.
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  • Powerful Desktop II OneStep Fire Inspection Desktop II gives your department the flexibility to perform administrative tasks such as scheduling and reporting the way you need. Did we mention mapping?
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  • Join the Revolution Limited connectivity? No problem! Mobilize your team and allow your Inspections to be done onsite using SMART Mobile with Auto-Synchronization!
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  • Windows 8 Compatible The OneStep family of software is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Win 7, Windows 8.x (not RT), Android and iPads.
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  • Look Familiar? Using the right software for the right task is essential to achieve your teams peak performance. OneStep offers you the right tool to do the job.
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  • Introducing the Cloud No IT infrastructure? No problem! The OneStep Family of Software can run on our secure enterprise class CLOUD systems. Use your devices in the field now with enhanced Smart Mapping.
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  • Our Brochure See how OneStep can help your department meet it's goals while saving you time and money!
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Save Money

OneStep Fire Inspection Software can help departments realize an upward gain in productivity of over 30% saving you thousands of dollars.

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  • Smarter Mapping Map different types of properties, inspections, including hazmat, hydrants and many others.
  • Versatile Software Our software runs on Desktops, Tablet PC’s, Laptops, and Phablets
  • Enable your inspectors Attach various files, photos, tables from Fire Codes, or documents associated with an occupancy or inspection

One Step Systems Video

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North Naples Chooses One Step Web - Why?


Since 2006 North Naples Fire Department has been relying on One Step Fire Inspection to manage their prevention and inspection activities.  Hardware and software have changed significantly since the initial installation; laptops have become tablets and many desktop computing tasks are now accessed through web browsers.  Data is stored in hosted clouds, significantly reducing the technical overhead that was required in 2006.   


Modern fire departments, like North Naples, are taking advantage of these technical advancements by upgrading to One Step Web.  One Step Web delivers a wireless connection between the inspector in the field and the hosted One Step database.  The inspector simply opens up an internet browser on his tablet, wirelessly logs into One Step Web and completes the inspection.  The completed report is emailed to the occupant and the inspector moves to the next site.  No printed files to manage as the inspection report is emailed, no problem retrieving fire code or historical information and the new inspection data is instantly available to the rest of the department.  Powerful summary reporting is as simple as a couple of mouse clicks back in the office. 


North Naples knows why they continue to use One Step.  One Step is helping the department “be recognized as one of the leading fire prevention bureaus in the State of Florida” through the use of proven software to keep their community fire safe.




fireInspection1Fire Inspection Software

Built for Inspectors by Fire Departments

OneStep Fire Inspection is a fire inspection solution designed in collaboration with several fire departments who provided invaluable guidance, Fire Marshals and inspectors told us what they wanted to make data collection easy and accurate ...

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fire-doors-1 Custom  Inspection Software

Created by Industry for Inspectors

One of our clients had asked if we could create a fire door inspection software. Since it's creation, hundreds of fire inspectors use our solution to check for life and fire safety code violations each day. Using the same careful consideration we have developed OneStep Fire Door Inspection Module. Inspectors use our solution to inspect fire doors using NFPA code ...

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google-mapsSMARTER Mapping

The power of SMARTER Mapping

OneStep Web has the power of Smarter mapping. Now you can visualize and preplan all of your inspections utilizing the newest technologies..

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Supporting our clients is our first responsibility.


By understanding our client's software needs, and responding with our state of the art ticket reporting system, we ensure our clients questions are answered promptly and professionally.

Hazardous Materials

Hazmat is a shortened term meaning "Hazardous Material." See how our software can help

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Violations Tracking

Track and record for any occupancy to allow for more timely and efficient re-inspections.

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Comprehensive Reporting

Create comprehensive, dynamic reports easily

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Training and Support

Pre-implementation analysis performed to meet your departments unique needs

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