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Fire and Other Door Inspections Product Overview

We understand how door inspection software works; hundreds of fire inspectors use our solution to check for life and fire safety code violations each day. Using the same careful consideration, we developed the One Step Fire Door Inspection. Inspectors use our solution to inspect fire doors using DHI and other code as a guide and print field reports outlining the status of each door. Door information is a mouse click away and able to be shared with anyone who needs to have integral and consistent information about what was inspected and what was determined.

Information and repair data for other door types such as Rolling, Sectional, Rolling Steel Doors, Gates etc. is easily entered and managed.  Check and pick lists are easily edited by the end user to guide the inspector to insure that the most common problems are identified and reported on.  Notes regarding remedies are entered with the code entries which significantly reduce the need for “keyed” data entry by the inspector while on site.  The inspector simply selects the correct text from the list displayed on the screen.   Inspection reports including photos of the problems can be included in the inspection report which is emailed to the client when wireless connectivity is available. 


Departments can define user groups with unique privileges; administrators, engine companies, clerical staff are some examples Each user group can have unique user interfaces and assigned tasks benefiting all members of a department with the information they need to manage work flow and responsibilities.

With One Step Door Inspection

  • Inspections are consistently completed with increased accuracy
  • The inspector can inspect more doors by eliminating the paper filing.
  • Accuracy increased by using pick lists and minimized keyed entry.
  • Access to the code while on site. The code can be included as part of the inspection report.
  • Invoices and work orders can be prepared digitally and emailed
  • Field information is available to the office with a wireless connection or via a synching process at the end of the day
  • Scheduling inspections and managing work flow is simple
  • Greater public safety
  • Significant time savings

By using One Step Door inspection, you reduce costs by reducing administrative overhead resulting in more time to do inspections – more opportunity to grow your business profitably.

Return On Investment

By using One Step Fire Door Inspection, firms can realize a 30% gain in productivity.

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