Polk County GIS and One Step

Polk County Florida has been using One Step since 2005 to manage their fire prevention tasks and inspections.  Considerable data has been collected over the past decade and Polk County is now attaching some of this data to the County’s Geographic Information System – GIS.  Residents can access the County’s web site to view maps showing which properties have been inspected and what the inspection results were.  The address information in One Step is synchronized with the County’s GIS to eliminate the need for fire prevention staff to enter addresses.  This process eliminates clerical input data errors in the fire department record as the process is digital and the data import happens in a few seconds.  The integrity of the address data is critically important when assigning tasks or querying One Step data to understand what tasks have been completed or yet to be done.

“I believe that the goal of providing the inspectors an accurate tool so they can see where they have been at a glance has been realized” – Captain Jack Williams, Polk County Florida

Other departments have also linked their GIS and the data One Step collects.  Call us and we will be pleased to explain how your department can share the information you collect with the community you serve.

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