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OneStep Desktop Overview         

OneStep Desktop Fire Inspection software is a desktop fire inspection solution designed in collaboration with several fire departments who provided invaluable guidance, Fire Marshals and inspectors told us what they wanted to make data collection easy and accurate. After field testing and proving the solution, we released OneStep Desktop Fire Inspection Software and our clients are very pleased with the result. We continue to listen carefully to Fire Departments across North America and respond with new updates and improvements.

OneStep Desktop provides inspectors with an intuitive and powerful interface. Drop down pick lists allow Administrators to quickly and accurately make appropriate selections and edit comments as required. Also, access to fire codes in the field allow inspectors to reference code sections and comments quickly and efficiently.

  • Professional / Technical image within the community
  • Increase in productivity resulting from the elimination of paperwork
  • Accurate due to pick lists and immediate access to fire codes
  • Instant field access to occupancy information



Our dynamic reporting section allows your department to report on all data available in the system, whether it's the number of outstanding violations for a particular occupancy or business type, or how many inspections your department completed over the past three years. Our reporting section allows you to select all the criteria to customize your report.

Your Department's current inspection reports are available to be printed in the field using wireless printers. This also allows you to create and issue a bill or permit at the time of inspection if required.

Cost savings developed by the ability to print invoices and reports in the field
Less administrative costs from reduction of paperwork and easy end-of-shift data transfer



Does your department currently schedule inspections manually?

OneStep can automatically schedule all of your inspections. (Such as first time, annual or re-inspections)

Are your hazmat re-inspections done more frequently than your routine inspections?

Our re-inspection process can be configured to meet your needs, by providing unique frequencies for each inspection type.

Do you want to schedule all or some of your inspections manually?

OneStep Fire Inspection gives your department the flexibility it needs to perform administrative tasks such as scheduling and reporting the way you want to.

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