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By continuing to collaborate with many fire departments, One Step has become an industry leader in providing fire inspection and prevention software that works to improve public safety. Specializing in mobile data collection solutions, One Step’s fire inspection software has been helping public service and businesses manage their information for three decades. One Step delivers proven solutions developed from experience.

One Step Systems takes great pride in knowing that our solutions deliver the value our users demand. We have been providing technology services and solutions in North America since 1990.

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Our purpose is to:

  • Design and deliver user-friendly mobile solutions that work and are reliable

  • Exceed the expectations of the customers we are privileged to work with

  • Treat each other and our valued customers with respect

  • Give our employees and investors a return for their time, talent and financial investment in our company

The Team Includes:

  • Gord
  • Darren

  • GB

  • Zain

  • Lou

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