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Inspectors needed light weight and powerful tablets. We responded with One Step Web developed to wirelessly connect with a shared data base. Inspectors are now choosing to use smart tablets or smaller Android or iPads.

One Step Web fire inspection software is device agnostic and optimized for a screen size greater than 7 inches.

From their devices, One Step Web enables inspectors can:

  • View maps showing assigned inspections with summary data
  • Create new inspections, add contacts, edit occupancy and address data as needed
  • Add photographs as needed
  • Create and review Permits,
  • Review and add Fire codes to an inspection entry
  • Manage public education activities and presentations
  • Use a reporting dashboard with multiple filters to quickly review work flow
  • Review training records and certifications
  • Can sync data with One Step Cloud or
  • Can synchronize to your own servers database using One Step Desktop and/or One Step Mobile
Man touching digital tablet, view close up

Departments can define user groups with unique privileges; administrators, engine companies, clerical staff are some examples Each user group can have unique user interfaces and assigned tasks benefiting all members of a department with the information they need to manage work flow and responsibilities.

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