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One Step Web is a mobile fire inspection solution designed in collaboration with several fire departments who provided invaluable guidance, Fire Marshals and inspectors told us what they wanted to make data collection easy and accurate. After field testing and proving the solution, we released One Step Web and our clients are very pleased with the result. We continue to listen carefully to fire departments across North America and respond with new updates and improvements.

  • An intuitive and powerful interface
  • Pick and check lists providing quick and accurate data entry
  • Fire and other codes available for reference or quoted in inspection reports
  • Increase in productivity resulting from the elimination of paperwork
  • Eliminate printing in the field by emailing inspection reports to occupants or owners
  • Instant field access to occupancy information
  • One Step can automatically schedule all your inspections. (Such as first time, annual or re-inspections)
  • Dashboard reporting and daily/weekly/monthly reporting of activities
  • Emailing inspection reports to the occupant, business owner, and other recipients
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