Measures to Improve Fire Prevention

Measures to Improve Fire Prevention 2022-12-07T19:47:45+00:00

Fire departments need to account for how they manage their resources to maximize the benefits they deliver to the public they serve.  Effective fire prevention relies on Using Business Intelligence measures to analyze prevention tasks to understand which processes are working and which need improvement.  Key Performance Indicators measure the time tasks take and the results.

When preparing the budget for the coming year what metrics are you measuring? Can the department  justify the budget to show how much time was spent answering callouts, preparing investigation reports, completing fire prevention inspections for all types of occupancies? 

One Step answers these questions for large (Toronto Fire Services) and small departments by cataloguing critical performance metrics that help departments manage their resources and budgets. Call us to find out more at 1.800.469.1166 Pacific time

Fire Prevention and code enforcement are essential for modern departments
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