Thousands of inspections help keep Toronto fire safe

Toronto Fire Services (TFS) serves a community of approximately 2.8 million.  Keeping this large city fire safe is a huge responsibility for the nearly 3000 employees at TFS.  Fortunately for Toronto residents, TFS is a progressive department and relies on One Step’s proven technology to make best use of its resources.  A great example is the coordination between the very large prevention division and the operations side of the department.  One Step provides the interface to digitally link the results of prevention’s fire inspections which require further follow up by operation crews.   One Step used TFS business rules regarding the type of fire code violations to determine whether the occupancy record is forwarded to the fire crews.  The fire crews then follow up with the occupancy within a specific time frame (60 days) and number of visits (5 inspections) to encourage compliance with code.  If the occupancy remains non-compliant, the file is sent back  to  prevention officers for further enforcement.   The entire process is digital with notices being automatically sent depending upon the coded business rules.  The different levels of command can quickly review the status of inspections through the use of dashboards and summary views within One Step Web.  Reports are easily generated as required and are shared as Excel or pdf files.  One Step Mobile provides unique views to match the inspector or the fire crew data collection requirements.  These “user group” views are “permission based” and are based on user requirements.

If the fire crew inspections did not result in guiding the occupancy into compliance, the file is digitally routed back to prevention officers.  The prevention officer responsible for the file then decides  on further action.  This corrective action might include forwarding the file to TFS’s legal department for enforcement.  One Step’s legal module also manages the legal enforcement information delivering an integrated system for the entire department.  This integration means corrective and/or enforcement actions are completed by effective use of available resources.

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