How to choose mobile software and hardware

Investing in technology to manage your department is exciting but what are the dangers, how should it be done and what sorts of return should managers expect? Technology can be complex and preparation prior to its deployment is critical to its success.

    What should you look for when choosing a solutions vendor?  There are likely many vendors promising you anything you ask for at “super” prices but it is important to remember that good judgment is based on experience; experience is based on bad judgments.

    You should ask the vendor for references, can the vendor refer you to any of their clients in your area, does he have any experience in mobile data collection, what type of support can he provide, etc.

    Does the vendor have an upgrade path and what are the costs?  What new modules are being planned and are they part of annual maintenance?  Can the vendor demonstrate changes they have implemented to meet client demand?

    What about training?  How is the vendor’s training delivered?  Do you get to use real data or dummy data and what point do you switch to real data. 
    Does the vendor have any experience in preserving your legacy or existing data within the proposed solution.

    Does the proposed solution allow you to suggest changes to the graphical user interface (GUI).  The option of changing the field names in the GUI might make the system easier to understand for your inspectors.

One Step Systems provides multiple digital data collection solutions  and speaks from experience working with large and small organizations.

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