One Step Web Portal – connecting your department to the community

Keeping connected to the community you serve is a critically important function.  The challenge is finding a way to make it easy for visitors to access the information they need anytime and anywhere.  One Step Web’s portal is designed to give visitor’s instant access to information they need while maintaining the security of information the department does not wish to share.  Visitors create an account; complete department forms as needed and receive email notification as the document (permit or report) is processed.

The process is digital and eliminates the paper trail and time delays associated with having to come to the department, complete the forms and then wait for approval.  Department costs are reduced and the visitor is pleased to have the information they need quickly. One Step Web Portal is a digital solution that benefits the community and the department.  To find out more, call us.  We want to know what your requirements are and how we can help you by keeping it simple so you can work smarter.

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